Payment Types Accepted

We accept money paid through:

Western Union (Recommended)

Fast and easy cash payout in your area. Money can be paid out and collected in 15 min. Please visit for detail.
If you would like to order our service using Western Union, feel free to contact with us for further information. Please note that we offer a 5% discount on Western Union purchases.

Mail us your queries at

Please inform us with the 10-digit money transfer control number and the name of payer once you make the payment.


What is PayPal and how does it work?
PayPal is an online payment system that facilitates the transfer of money from one bank account or one credit card account to another. After signing up for an account at and proceeding through their easy verification process which links your PayPal account with either your bank account or your credit card account, you can begin to use PayPal to make purchases online from websites such as Amazon, eBay and of course, and then pay your PayPal balance by using your bank account or credit card account. PayPal is one of the most widely accepted electronic payment services today. It has been used to reliably, instantly and safely move money between accounts worldwide for couple of years.

Mail us your queries at

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